About Us

We welcome you to the freshest concept for dog mating!

At last! You may stop asking your neighbours or friends if they own, or have seen a dog like yours that wants to mate. Now you can stop running like a maniac to strangers when you see that they are accompanied by a companion animal that’s the same dog breed as yours, and of course you can stop buying teddy bears, pillows etc. to temporarily satisfy your dog’s natural need for breeding until you find a real mate for him/her.

Our job is to make your life easy and your dog happy.

Thedogmates.com provides you with an easy, fun, and serious way to find, not just a mate, but the perfect mate for your loving companion animal. Our main goal is to make you proud by making your dog a dad or a mum and, why not, to add an offspring to your extended family. Create your dog’s profile, and thedogmates.com will offer you a wide choice of available mates that look and weigh similar to your dog. Select your favorite or favorites and contact them to set a date. Your dog and its mate will do the rest!

You can also vote for your preferable dog mates, so they can be famous! In the same way, others vote for your dog, and you never know…maybe he/she will be the one to enter the celebrity community of thedogmates.com.

Finally, for all dog owners (regardless of dog mating), thedogmates.com provides a selected range of services and products that you and your dog can enjoy. Take your dog to the doctor; for shopping; on vacation; to the groomer; to a new home; get him a new friend; anywhere you are and all around the world. Because that’s what best friends are for!

We hope that you enjoy the dogmates.com as we did when we conceived and decided to implement this concept.